About us

The Neil Cameron Consulting Group comprises qualified lawyer Neil Cameron, Clive Morris and Jill Bazalgette along with a group of handpicked associates providing specialist skills to enable the group to provide a full and seamless set of legal IT and technology consulting services to law firms.

Originally based in the UK, Neil is now fully ‘transatlantic’, and has a wife and home in Ithaca, New York and as such is available to law firms throughout the United States.

The combined skills and experiences of the organisation enables the Neil Cameron Consulting Group to advise professional service firms and other knowledge-based organisations on the complete lifecycle of their information technology and related business services requirements:

  • from business strategy and enterprise architecture;
  • through information and technology architectures;
  • to IT systems’ procurement and implementation; and
  • business benefits realisation and business innovation.

Our motto is Best Practice: Strategy Technology Innovation

Quite simply, our aim is to provide complimentary services to our clients which are based on Best Practice and a Strategic approach deploying the latest Technological innovations.

For an enterprise to change it needs to be active in:

  • driving working practice changes through having good business strategies and the right enterprise architecture for its business;
  • underpinning the enterprise architecture through an integrated information architecture and sound technology foundations;
  • facilitating working practice changes through procuring and implementing the right IT systems;
  • changing working practices by following programmes to achieve business benefits realisation from the IT systems it has procured and implemented; and
  • making continuous working practice changes through using its IT systems to bring innovation in the ways that its people work in practice.

The Neil Cameron Consulting Group has unrivalled experience in meeting these requirements through the services that we offer specifically in strategic activities such as:

  • formulating and implementing IT Strategies;
  • initiating projects;
  • IT health checks;
  • advising on the choice and deployment of technology;
  • IT Recruitment, and
  • Client Communication Studies.


We also undertake innovative initiatives through the exploitation of:

  • Case Management systems;
  • Business Process Redesign exercises and
  • Knowledge Management studies.

We are a very accommodating consulting firm. We excel in providing valuable services to all types of organisations in terms of size and prestige.

How We Work

We have set out some of the type of standard services that we provide in the following pages, but we recognise that the needs of each firm and organisation are unique and that consultants are not usually engaged unless there is a bottle-neck or perceived business problem of some kind or other.  All of our engagements are unique in one way or other and we are very flexible in terms of the service and advice that we provide.

We pride ourselves that we are a supplier independent organisation.  We have occasionally been engaged by a number of suppliers in the IT sector to provide additional industry knowledge and advice at a strategic level to focus their development activities. However, we never work directly with any IT supplier in promoting or supplying services or systems, or have any commission-based commercial relationship with them.

For every potential engagement it is critical that all parties understand the terms of reference and commitments. Our approach to every enquiry is that we will undertake sufficient analysis and information gathering to allow us to provide a realistic and mutually acceptable quote for our services and input to the agreed task and terms of reference.  All of this activity is free of charge.  It is important to us that we have  a mutually agreed agenda before we undertake any work on the behalf of our clients to ensure that we can deliver a quality service that matches our client’s needs and expectations.

All of our work is undertaken to a mutually agreed timetable and terms of reference.  We bill monthly, retrospectively, on work carried out in that time.  Our estimates are based on the best endeavours of both parties and we will always monitor our work against the agreed budget. We will always make our clients aware of any expected deviations from the agreed budgets before they arise and the reasons why, and we never undertake work over the initial budget without the agreement of the client.