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  • iManage Work 10/White Rabbit

    Although snow-bound on the East Coast at the moment, thus missing a scheduled demonstration of the new iManage software and the British Legal Technology Forum, I managed to piggy-back on 90-minute demonstration at a Chicago law firm last week.

    Geoff and the guys had kept me up to date over the last 18 months or so, but after all the talk this was a good look at the newly released software.
    In summary, it looks good – very good. I was particular taken by the following areas of functionality:
    • much improved search and search results display function
    • new ‘Smart Work Lists’ provide one-click access to recent clients, matters or engagements, emails and documents
    • new indication in lists of changed versions
    • improved auto-filing
    • new audit trail ‘timelines’
    • much improved viewer, especially for mobile devices
    • same interface on all devices
    The new software also supports concurrent document co-authorship (utilising OneDrive), which is a neat trick as the very concept of ‘checking-out’ a document is fundamentally inimical to multiple access. Shortly, we will also have the ability to store Microsoft OneNote objects in iManage client/matter folders – a great facility for Tablet note-makers.
    But, my favourite single new killer development is the ability (for OCD lawyers who insist on maintaining their own set of Outlook folders) to link those personal folders with proper shared iManage client/matter folders and keep them in synch – brilliant idea!


  • Blog #25: Guns and the 2nd Amendment

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

    Why is this in the Bill of Rights?

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  • Blog #24: Windows 10 – “Should I?”

    Microsoft’s new version of Windows launched last Friday, and amazingly was installed on 14 million devices in the first 24 hours – having a noticeable impact of global Internet traffic.

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  • Blog #23: sharedo by slicedbread

    Last September I went to Keoghs to get a thorough briefing on their Tracker system – a full report of which is to be found here, and which provides a good introduction to this Blog. slicedbread has been working since then to develop a more generic case management system for law firms.

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  • Blog #22: Profile of Riverview Law

    I finally had an opportunity to take up a long-standing invitation from the estimable Riverview COO Adam Shutkever to go up and see Riverview Law in action last week. Apart from anything else, I had a new Senior Railcard to play with, and got an excellent First Class return deal from Virgin Trains.

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  • Blog #21: Blowing the Precedent H Budget

    CIP Properties v Galliford Try (and others)

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  • Blog #20: The Capensys Lawyer IT Training System

    Law firm IT training is broken – here is one way to fix it

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  • Blog #19: An ex-barrister’s reminiscences…

    When I was a fledgling barrister in 1979 – after six months of shadowing my fascinating, colourful (but not very educational) pupil-master Robert Flach: see here – I was let loose on the unsuspecting (alleged) criminal classes in the London courts.

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  • Blog #18: DocsCorp Briefing

    Along with some others in the consulting fraternity, I was invited to a DocsCorp briefing last week by long-term legal IT vendor stalwart Ben Mitchell. Consultants get invited to a lot of such briefings, and whilst it is often in our interests to go and increase the currency of our knowledge of recent product developments, it is not always a pleasure. Ben and his colleague Melody made it a pleasure, and cunningly played on that most basic of human appetites – the appetite.

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  • Blog #17: Keoghs + K2 + slicedbread = Tracker

    I was invited to Bolton last week to have a look at the latest stage of the development of the Keoghs Tracker ‘adaptive case management’ system, which is based on the K2 blackpearl BPM engine as developed in association with the Altrincham-based slicedbread consultancy.

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  • Blog #17: Annual Legal Week Law Firm IT Survey

    Legal Week magazine has just launched the 2014 version of its annual law firm information technology survey.

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  • Blog #16: Law Firm Coffee; and Meeting Room Time Zones

    This is an article I have been threatening to write for many years, about my experience over the last 34 years of how law firms deal with the meeting room coffee issue.

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  • Blog #15: House of Lords Committee reports on “Right to be Forgotten”

    The House of Lords Home Affairs, Health and Education EU Sub-Committee has reported on its enquiry into the EU “right to be forgotten” and the consequences of the European Court of Justice Spanish Google case. Continue reading →

  • Blog #14: Update on US Land Grab for Foreign Emails

    Following my earlier Blog on ‘Not So Safe Harbor’ I can now report that after the US Federal Court decision ordering Microsoft to produce emails held on its servers in Dublin there is an appeal to be held on the 31st July as a result of a further appeal by Microsoft.

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  • Blog #13: Google Glass Privacy Update

    Just a short update to the Google Glass Blog #9 – one of the points made by those worried that Google Glass opponents is that you cannot easily tell when your photograph is being taken when a Glass wearer ‘looks’ at you.

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