Exploiting Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the de facto software suite used in all law firms and each individual application offers a wealth of functions and features capable of transforming document production and client communication.  However, in our experience, users can rarely find the time to experiment and fully explore the myriad of features on offer, even if they sometimes suspect there are more efficient ways of dealing with a particular task.

Microsoft Outlook is one application we find is rarely truly optimised.  It is often assumed to be sufficiently “intuitive” for the user not to require training or documentation upon its introduction.   However this often means many practical and highly beneficial features are not fully exploited.  Features such as sharing of diaries, delegating tasks, managing messages through the use of categories and flags and scheduling meetings.  Collaboration with both colleagues and clients is a key component in effective and timely communication and we could assist you to identify and exploit its full potential.

We have assisted a number of firms to exploit the full potential of Microsoft Office.   This can range from the development of templates to ensure consistency and a house style, right through to the  introduction of firm-wide standards, practices and processes.

We can work with you and your staff to:

  • develop document templates which optimise the features of Microsoft Word: automate where possible, minimise user input and conform to your house style
  • assess individual needs and then develop and deliver training sessions tailored to the specific requirements of your staff and the work they do
  • analyse current processes and use our wide experience to help you determine best practice