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Neil Cameron is one of the world's leading legaltech consultants.  Neil has been advising law firms, corporate law departments, legal tech vendors & public sector legal bodies in all aspects of legal technology for over 30 years.  Neil has operating bases in both the US and UK, and splits his time between the two.

Best Practice: Strategy Technology Innovation

Neil's skills and experiences enable him to advise professional service firms and other knowledge-based organisations on the complete lifecycle of their information technology and related business services requirements:

  • from business strategy and enterprise architecture

  • through information and technology architectures

  • to IT systems’ procurement and implementation; and

  • business benefits realisation and business innovation.

Our aim is to provide services to our clients which are based on best practice and a strategic approach deploying the latest technological innovations.

Global Reach

Originally based in the UK, Neil is now fully ‘transatlantic’ with a homes in Ithaca, New York and Oxford, UK.  Neil splits his time between the two countries, typically on a 3-week rotation, or as required by his projects.  

Neil's Background

After undertaking a law degree, with a minor in computing, Neil became a Barrister before joining LexisNexis just after it set up shop in the UK in 1980. He then spend two years at Allen & Overy, and eight years at KPMG Management Consulting as a business consultant - it was during this time that he established a specialist practice in providing  technology advice to law firms. 

After eight years with KPMG, he then set up as an independent consultant & advisor, working with a network of associate experts.  And he have been doing that - as Neil Cameron Consulting Group - ever since, apart from a short sojourn in 2001-2003 working as Director of Product Strategy for a specialist legal ERP vendor. 

Over the last 38 years he has undertaken consulting work in all continents, except for Antarctica.

Fran Evans

Neil often works in tandem with Fran Evans. Fran is a former law firm IT Director with over 25 years' experience in legal IT at three major firms, and has worked with Neil for five years. 

Fran has experience in a variety of different areas including:

  • IT Strategy

  • system procurement and implementation, such as PMS, DMS and CRM

  • IT Reviews

  • IT Project Management

“Fran was introduced to us a year ago to manage our transition to a new office.  She very effectively brought together the requirements of all our IT infrastructure & software providers.  Fran provided clear and concise reports and prompt and well reasoned advice throughout.  Her focus and attention to detail are impressive.  We succeeded in moving into fully operational offices on time and on budget.  We are now in the process of migrating into a data centre and Fran is managing that project with the same great aplomb and efficiency.”


Mary Black, IT Partner, Currey & Co


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