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Board Advisory

"We think we know what we are doing with IT, but it would be great to have an external sounding-board"
"How do I get a second-opinion on what my IT team is telling me?"
"We need to make sure that IT considerations feed into our future business strategy, not just that IT reflects our business strategy"

Neil's métier is in the ability to use his experience as a legal practitioner to aid the client’s senior management in understanding how strategic business considerations should drive major technology initiatives throughout the organisation in a way that underpins the business objectives, and fully exploits the potential of the technology investment by bringing about innovation through remodelling working practices.  


At a crucial stage in the development of the IT function of a magic circle law firm, for several years, Neil was a member of the IT Committee which advised the Board on all matters relating to legal technology.

He has since performed similar functions for a range of other law firms of all sizes, throughout the world; sometimes for short periods, and on other occasions for many months.


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