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Strategic Consulting

"How do I generate a plan going forward that I know will support my business objectives, as well as solve my current IT issues?"
"How much money do we need to devote to IT over the next five years?"
"Apart from money, what organisation, management and resources do we need to make it work"

There is a view that a ‘strategy’ is just a “plan with a college education” – to paraphrase Mark Twain.

Nothing could be further from the truth; a plan does not a strategy make (no matter how complex), neither does a budget, a problem solving itinerary, or a shopping list – or even a combination of all the above.

At NCCG we have a well proven and tailored process for ensuring that an IT Strategy does what it is supposed to; which includes:

  • being closely driven by, and aligned with, the firm’s business objectives

  • reviewing your current IT infrastructure, applications and resources, including your IT department

  • working with you and selected clients to determine their current and future demands and what this means for your future

  • analysing other market forces and opportunities.


From this preparatory work we will work with you to formulate and analyse in detail a series of projects and initiatives that will support your business for years, and also work out a process for getting there.

The strategy also identifies who, has to do what, by when in order to make it all happen.  In the end a plan and a budget also emerge, but they are the tail – not the dog.

See our detailed description of this methodology on the Resources page.

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