IT Systems Procurement

Modern IT applications serving the Legal area are in themselves complex and are sometimes more appropriate to some areas of law than others which can make it difficult to identify a system that best meets your requirements.

All organisations are confronted at some stage with the decision to carry on with their existing suppliers or explore other options.  Businesses are dynamic and their IT systems should also be reviewed regularly to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of the firm.

When it comes to purchasing new systems or reviewing existing contracts with suppliers it is essential to ensure that any purchases are commercially favourable, but more importantly, relevant to the strategy of the firm.

Our approach to IT procurement is that:

  • any IT procurement should be business led – in that it should be a part of a business project
  • the procurement should  be undertaken according to a formal evaluation based on an agreed list of business and technical requirements that ensures systems are evaluated on the basis of “apples to apples” comparisons
  • the final decision is supported objective evidence.

We have many years of experience in procuring systems and our processes are honed to providing an efficient process for our clients and potential suppliers.