Other Services

Apart from the major service lines fully described elsewhere, we also have a wide range of more specific services, such as:

  • Recruitment: assisting you in the specification of job roles and responsibilities and the subsequent recruitment of new employees, particular in senior IT Director and CIO roles.  In the past this kind of assistance has ranged from handling all aspects of the recruitment (drafting and placing advertisements, initial CV screening, identification of short-lists, initial interviews, subsequent interviews, identifying tasks for interviewees) to assisting with 2nd round interviews.
  • Interim Management: for those occasions when a law firm finds itself short of key resources, or between recruitment, we can provide high-quality interim IT staff in a  variety of middle and senior grade roles.
  • Business Process Re-engineering: the last great unexamined aspect of legal IT is scrutinising, documenting and improving the actual process of legal services delivery. Ideally undertaken in association with key clients, this work aims to eliminate waste and activities undertaken because “we’ve always done it that way”, and thereby to improve the relevance, quality and efficiency of the service provided to clients.  At the right stage of examining established legal processes it may also make sense to include your key clients in the review process.
  • Benefits Realisation: in the case of many systems, especially those dependent on busy professional users changing the way they work, the expected benefits are not delivered automatically simply by virtue of implementing software. Depending on the nature of the business objectives and the kind of system it will usually be necessary to involve users at an early stage, undertake business analysis, identify revised working practices, implement intensive change management and training activities and so on.  If you find you are not achieving the expected objectives from new business system we can help undertake corrective activities designed to ensure that the full range of expected benefits are realised.
  • Feasibility Studies: if you are considering whether to invest in a major new initiative, it is vital to analyse the effort and cost of such a new system, against the likely opportunities and benefits. We have a well-proven methodology for undertaking such an analysis.
  • What Do We Do Now? Occasionally a firm will find it is faced with the necessity of undertaking a significant upgrade of a superseded major system.  It behoves any firm in such circumstances to consider a wider number of options, which are likely to include migrating to an alternative vendor’s system – given the costs and disruption of any large-scale upgrade it is often no more expensive to switch systems. We can assist you in working out the best way forward, taking into account all relevant considerations such as:
  • system scope
  • likely costs; including procurement, hardware, software, migration, training, change management, project management and other ‘soft’ costs
  • likely benefits; including increased profit margin, turnover, cost avoidance and intangible benefits such as client satisfaction, or quality, productivity, efficiency, and so on
  • all steps necessary for full benefits realisation
  • ‘Liquid Consulting’: sometimes you just want a sounding board; to bring in someone with a breadth and depth of experience and expertise to assist in ‘blue-sky’ thinking, to review high-level plans or specific aspects of current or planned implementations.  We are very happy to provide such assistance, if necessary at very little notice, without the need for a lengthy proposal or detailed terms of reference.