Programme & Project Management

Our Philosophy and Approach

Our many years of experience have concluded that the successful implementation of IT projects can only be guaranteed if it is delivered within an appropriate programme or project management umbrella that is business focussed.

There are many project management methodologies; we subscribe to the principles of Prince 2.  However, a methodology is only a framework of best practice, standards and checklists. Good project management is a skill that uses the basic tools of the methodology combined with excellent communication skills.

Effective communication is the essence of delivering projects successfully.

Project Governance

As with all IT initiatives it is essential that a project of this type is perceived as being business rather than IT-led to ensure the success of any resulting systems.  Our Project Management approach is based on the principles of the Prince 2 methodology which we tailor according to the needs and complexity of the implementation and the culture of each firm. We are not bound by the strictures of any methodology, we don’t produce paper for the sake of producing paper work, but we do ensure that in our processes all major activities are signed off. We insists on establishing a project board representing the major participants which is led by a Business Sponsor who is ultimately responsible for agreeing the objectives of the project and their achievement.

Planning, Monitoring and Review

The standard activities associated with any project are planning, monitoring and review:

  • Planning – as mentioned above we always seek to establish all IT initiatives as business projects and as such we develop the project plans in agreement with the business spelling out the objectives, benefits, risks and dependencies.  Projects must have a beginning and end.
  • Monitoring – why monitor the effort put in by the project staff? Sometimes this is appropriate but in most cases it  provides no value as to how a project is progressing. Our approach is to monitor by the deliverables expected at each stage of the project. In the planning stage we would always try to ensure that the plan is constructed to meet the principle of having deliverables at regular intervals – every two weeks at the most.
  • Review – as we have stressed already projects and programmes must be business led and focussed.  There is no point in delivering an IT system which users do not appreciate or use.  All projects must not only be sponsored by the business but will also require input to ensure they meet the requirements of the business.  This quality assurance role is essential to the success and smooth deployment of any IT system.

Our Involvement

We are capable of providing a full Project Management service to our clients; however we are flexible and can provide as much or as little assistance as required.

Whatever the role that we undertake we will always provide our assistance on the principles of :

  • business focussed plans;
  • plans that are realistic and which can be monitored;
  • project plans that can provide definable business benefits.

Project management success is all about communication and more communication.  We are good at that.