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iManage 10 / White Rabbit

In summary, it looks good – very good ...

Although snow-bound on the East Coast at the moment, thus missing a scheduled demonstration of the new iManage software and the British Legal Technology Forum, I managed to piggy-back on 90-minute demonstration at a Chicago law firm last week.

Geoff Hornsby & his team had kept me up to date over the last 18 months or so, but after all the talk this was a good look at the newly released software.

In summary, it looks good – very good. I was particular taken by the following areas of functionality:

  • much improved search and search results display function

  • new ‘Smart Work Lists’ provide one-click access to recent clients, matters or engagements, emails and documents

  • new indication in lists of changed versions

  • improved auto-filing

  • new audit trail ‘timelines’

  • much improved viewer, especially for mobile devices

  • same interface on all devices

The new software also supports concurrent document co-authorship (utilising OneDrive), which is a neat trick as the very concept of ‘checking-out’ a document is fundamentally inimical to multiple access. Shortly, we will also have the ability to store Microsoft OneNote objects in iManage client/matter folders – a great facility for Tablet note-makers. But, my favourite single new killer development is the ability (for OCD lawyers who insist on maintaining their own set of Outlook folders) to link those personal folders with proper shared iManage client/matter folders and keep them in synch – brilliant idea!


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